Friday, February 1, 2013

Winter Blues

Nail polish has taken over the spot in my life that shoes used to hold. I spent over $100 in nail polishes and accoutrements THIS WEEK. Obsessed!! Thankfully most of the $$ came from gift cards or I'd be in real trouble with the hubby. :) I can't go to a drug store without checking out the nail polish isle. Bed Bath & Beyond has an amazing array of nail art supplies and polishes.


I have been loving the Winter Blues trend along with BLING!! This mani has both...sort of.

The mani:

Two coats of L'Oreal Not a Cloud in the Sky. This is a color I've been looking for. It's not blue per se...but more of a blue-green. Loving it! On the accent nail, after the second coat of polish, I dipped it in nail glitter. This is my first experience with this. I thought it would be a mess, but it turned out AWESOME and with just as much BLING as I was looking for! Then I top coated the rest with Ciaté Confetti, a holographic polish (another new purchase). I really want to try this on its own too!


I'm totally obsessed with this mani!! I love the contrast in the glitters and just the overall wow factor of the whole thing.

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