Friday, February 1, 2013

Fun With Studs

Sister #2 here, all of my posts will be in blue.  You can probably already tell us apart by our different hands :)
This week I decided I wanted to incorporate silver studs in my mani.  These studs can be found on most nail art websites for pretty cheap.  Here is what I came up with:


It took some time and patience but the end result was way worth it.  I started by painting the entire nail with two coats of  Cheers by Revlon, it's a peachy pink that works for any season.  After I let that dry I used nail tape to form the line in the middle.  When you're using nail tape it's best to do it one nail at a time, at least for me.  I painted between the tape with Smokin Hot by Essie, a purplish grey color.


Then I used an orangewood stick to place 3 of the silver studs along each line. They stick really well even if the polish has dried.  Finish off with some top coat and voila!  It's a fun mani that has been getting a lot of attention so far.  I see a lot more studs in my future and who doesn't love a good stud?

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