Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Stamping With Color Foil is a Dream!

Have you ever hunted down a hard-to-find, coveted polish?  I'm talking about going to over 10 stores to find one particular polish.  Picture visiting Ulta, CVS, Duane Reade, Target Harmon, and Walgreens, sometimes a couple locations of each.  Well, that's pretty much what I did last week while trying to get my hands on some of the limited edition Sally Hansen Color Foils.  Any company that comes out with a limited edition polish is a genius because the minute that label is put on it we all fight to get them.   My hunt ended at a Bed Bath and Beyond in NYC.  I nearly screamed with joy when I saw them!  So of course I bought 3...

The reason I wanted some of these polishes is because I heard they work really well with stamping.  And they totally do!!

This is my best stamping mani ever! The base color is Essie Find Me an Oasis from the Resort 2014 collection.  This ice blue is awesome for summer manis.

I stamped with Sally Hansen Color Foil Liquid Gold.  The pattern is from Mash Plate #43.  

If you've seen previous posts from us you'd know that sometimes we struggle with stamping.  Some polishes smudge easily or dry to quickly and some patterns are so hard to get straight.  The Color Foil formula is so perfect for stamping.  It doesn't smudge at all and the consistency is just right.  Plus, this particular pattern leaves room for error because it can be a little more random and doesn't need to be the same on each nail like some other patterns. 

I love how delicate and feminine this came out.  I was showing off this mani all weekend long.  

I also picked up two other shades from the collection, Titanium Flush and Minted Metal.  I can't wait to stamp with them!  If you have the opportunity to buy these polishes, do it!! Whether it's for stamping or for a solid mani, these polishes are worth hunting for.  

Have you tried the Color Foil polishes yet?  If so, how do you like this new SH collection?

XOXO Nail Addicted Sisters
Thursday, June 19, 2014

It's Going To Be A HOT Pink Summer

I don't know about you, but I LOVE HOT PINK!! I have a few different shades in my collection. I just can't get enough. I knew I found the ultimate hot pink when I tried on Pretty Serious The Pink One. I don't know why, but I love the simplicity of this name. It just says it ALL!

The vibrancy of this color is breath taking!! The formula is flawless to boot. Shown is two coats of polish with top coat.

I couldn't decide which pics to post, so I just posted ALL of my favorites! This pic shows the awesome blue/purple shimmer that makes this polish really stand out.


I thought this polish deserved a MACRO! I mean come gotta get your hands on this polish for the summer!!!

What is your favorite HOT PINK polish??? I'm always looking. :)

XOXO Nail Addicted Sisters

Friday, June 13, 2014

Ellagee Swatches!

Laura from Ellagee sent us some pretty spring/summer polishes to swatch and review.  Ellagee polishes are 3-free and the formula is always great.  Check out these beauties...

From left to right you have Peony, Snapdragon and Aloha 'Oe.  

Peony is from the White Lace and Promises collection.  It's a delicate sheer peach with a subtle peach shimmer.  Shown is 3 coats and top coat.  The formula is smooth and it has a perfect amount of shimmer for subtle spring look.

Laura also gave us these adorable 3D butterfly charms.  I love how it adds some extra sparkle to this subtle mani.  These charms are the best because they are reusable!

Next up is Snapdragon, also from the White Lace and Promises collection.  This periwinkle blue has some gorgeous silver/blue shimmer.  Shown is 3 coats and top coat.

This is unlike any blue I have in my polish collection.  It is a perfect base for stamping...

My sister bought me a huge set of Pueen Nail Plates for my birthday.  For this design I used plate #21.  I am loving this look!  Definitely leaving it on for the weekend :)

Lastly we have Aloha 'Oe from the Laule'a collection.  This beautiful purple shimmer is amazing!  It applied evenly and has some serious shimmer.  Shown is 2 coats and top coat.

The Laule'a collection consists of gorgeous shimmer and glitter polishes inspired by the Hawaiian Islands.

Thanks to Laura from Ellagee for sending us some great products!  Check out her website here and Facebook page here to add some her polishes to your collection!

Have a great weekend everyone!  Happy polishing!

XoXo Vicky
Nail Addicted Sisters

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Influenster TLCVocBox

**All products were provided  for an honest review**

Being an Influenster means sometimes you qualify to receive boxes full of goodies.

This is my third box and the best one yet! #TLCVOXBOX was given to the moms of influenster. The retail value of this box is about $40. SCORE!

In return for receiving a box, all you have to do is review the products. Not to shabby. 

This box includes:

Neosporin Neo to Go
Shell Fuel Rewards Card
Puffs On the Go
Ivory Bar Soap
Avon Anew Wrinkle Smoother
Breyers Gelato Coupon for free ice cream

These are all items moms NEED! Especially the Neo To Go. I have a 3-year-old that falls on his knees everyday, so I know I will be using this product!

If you want to become a member of Influenster, email me at and I will send you an invitation!

XOXO Nail Addicted Sisters

**All products were provided  for an honest review**

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pretty & Polished Summer Fun Collection

**All products were provided  for an honest review**

Pretty & Polished Summer Fun Collection includes 6 holographic polishes. I have 4 of them here to show you.

Summer Love is a pinkish-red holographic shade.  Shown is 2 coats of polish and topcoat. The formula is perfect and went on smooth and even.

The holo in this polish is subtle and looks best in direct sunlight. 

Sandy Shores is a creamy neutral nude holographic shade.  Shown is 2 coats of polish with top coat. The formula for this was a bit thick, but had no streaking. 

The holo in this polish is very subtle. Even in the direct sunlight it is hard to see. This would be the perfect base for nail art or stamping.

I used these complimentary colors together to create this mani.

Sandy Shores base with a thick stripe of Summer Love down the middle. Gold square studs finish it off!

Lakefront is a gorgeous mix of blue and green holo with blue and green sparkles added. This is 2 coats of polish with top coat. The formula was perfect, even and smooth.

You can definitely see the sparkle in this polish. What a beauty!

Poolside is a bright blue holo. Shown is 2 coats of polish with top coat. 

The formula, again, was smooth and even. This polish almost looks like a shimmer in the bottle. I brought it into the sun and POW! There was the holo sparkles.

I used these two beautiful blues to create this fun mani. 

Chevron stickers helped to make the pattern and square silver studs to pull it all together.

I'm still wearing this now, 5 days later. I LOVE IT!!

Find Pretty & Polished here:

XOXO Nail Addicted Sisters

**All products were provided  for an honest review**

Monday, June 9, 2014

It's A Birthday Mani!

It's my birthday today!! I won't tell you all how old I am but I will say I don't feel a day over 24.  Over the weekend I had lots of fun festivities with family and friends including a huge BBQ at our house with tons of food and drinks.  I love any excuse to host a party and get all of my loved ones together.  This party featured a brand new karaoke machine.  We had a blast! 

Obviously I had to rock a birthday mani...

My awesome sister gave me a gift bag full of nail goodies including some polishes, stamping plates and other fun stuff.  She added some new indie brands to my collection, Mentality and Polish Me Silly.  I used a couple of the polishes in this mani.  The pink shimmer is Mentality Empress, a bright pink shimmer that dries matte.  I decided I wanted a glossy finish for this mani so I added topcoat.  

My thumb nail has a crazy topper from Polish Me Silly called Play Date... This is like a colorful confetti explosion for your nails and I knew it would be perfect for a birthday mani accent nail.  

Isn't the cupcake adorable?  I was surprised I was able to paint it on my tiny nail bed, but it worked out well.  I certainly had my fill of cake, cookies and sweets this weekend, yum!

Unfortunately I have to work today so thankfully I was able to get all the celebrations out of my system over the weekend.  I'm sure the other nail products my sister gave me will make appearances on the blog soon.  Time for neons and pastels!

Have a great week everyone!  

XoXo Vicky
Nail Addicted Sisters

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Trust Fund Beauty Polish Review

**All products were provided  for an honest review**

Trust Fund Beauty is new to the polish world, so I was excited to get the chance to review some of their amazing polishes. If you are someone who likes polishes initially from its' name, this is the brand for you. Wait till you see some of these hysterical names.

First up is Champagne Problems, the perfect name for this champagne colored metallic polish.

The formula on this polish was very thin. This helped with application because it went on evenly and smooth, but it did pool into the cuticles if I wasn't careful. This is two coats of polish with top coat.

I really like this shade. It has just enough gold in it that it's not too overwhelming for a full manicure. The little metallic sparkles give this polish the perfect shimmer.

Nip Slip is a shimmery cool pink with magenta undertones. This is a unique shimmer pink polish I am excited to add to my collection. 

The formula on this polish was perfect. It didn't streak like most shimmer polishes. This is two coats of polish with top coat.

I'm not usually into shimmer polishes, mostly because the application is horrific. This polish exceeded my expectations in every way. The color is bright and again, NO STREAKING!

Rich Bitch is a beautiful red with pink undertones and a touch of shimmer. 

The formula was great! It went on perfectly smooth. This is two coats of polish with top coat. This is a semi-sheer polish, so I think I could have used a third coat. 

I absolutely love the hint of shimmer in this polish. I'm not a red polish kinda girl, but there is something different about this red. It is bright and shiny. Some reds are dull to me. This polish was the opposite!

Next up are the fabulous holos of the group. This is Don't Be Shady, a light holographic grey.

This polish went on super smooth with no dragging. Shown is 3 coats of polish with top coat.

Look how SHINY and SPARKLY. Tons of holo pigment to go around!

There's nothing like a holo MACRO! OOOOO.....AAAAHHHHH!

Like Royalty is a holographic royal purple. 

Again this polish went on super smooth. Shown is 3 coats of polish with top coat.

The holo in the polish did not disappoint. It has lots of sparkle and the color is unique to any I have seen.


What are your thoughts on these polishes? Do you just love the names?

Find Trust Fund Beauty below and check out all of their amazing polishes with GREAT names!

XOXO Nail Addicted Sisters

**All products were provided  for an honest review**