Thursday, February 21, 2013

Shiny Disco Balls

One of the products I got from Born Pretty was an assortment of hexagonal sequins or GLEQUINS. This was my first time applying these and it was easy and hard at the same time. In order for the design to look really nice, you have to place the hexagons all facing the same way. Um yeah...these thing are teeny tiny. I probably could have used a monocle or something to help me out because in the end I just started putting them on there willy-nilly.

I originally wanted a black base, but then I decided to try to match the base with color of the glequin. This is Essie Chinchilly, my favorite gray color. I'm really happy with the way this looks. Next time I'll try a contrasting effect.

This is my left hand. My right hand is just painted with no glequins. I was too tired after this hand to start on the right. I've never done that before, but something tells me this won't be the last.

Do you ever leave one of your hands naked of nail art?

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