Monday, February 3, 2014

Zoya Stamped Swirls

OMG!! It's freaking snowing again here in New York. And not a little. Like, the schools are closed and I have a snowman on my lawn. I like the winter and the cooler weather better than the summer, but this is insane!! And we're supposed to get more snow later this week!! Craziness!!

So, you saw some failed stamping from me last week when I posted about Liquid Palisade. I gave it another shot and this was what my result was. I am really happy with it even though it's far from perfect. And I used Liquid Palisade, so my clean up was a breeze!

I've been seeing a lot of two-toned stamping and I just love the way it looks. For this mani I chose Essie Play Date as my base and stamped with Zoya Belinda. This is MASH #40.  I guess I'll have to expand my stamp collection. :) Uh oh!!

You can see a smear on my ring finger, which I believe is the result from not scraping the stamp plate with enough pressure or at the wrong angle. There are some gaps on the sides of the nails too. Does anyone know how to avoid that? I think the image was big enough to transfer. I'm at a loss.

So now that my sister and I can officially stamp, you will definitely see more and I can't wait!!! The possibilities are endless!!!

XOXO Nail Addicted Sisters


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  1. Awesome stamping job!
    i just started staping and its really addictive