Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Born Pretty Textured Polish

The last time we put in an order to our favorite nail supply company Born Pretty, I decided to try out one of their textured polishes.  I never really jumped on the texture bandwagon because I prefer my nails to be smooth and shiny.  But we should all try new things right?  

They have so many colors and I chose this deep, royal blue and I'm loving it!  It's not so dark that it looks black but it's not a bright, summery royal blue.  Perfect for this horrific NY winter weather, ugh!

The application was perfect.  It's not thick or goopy (is goopy a word? well now it is!). You don't see the full texture effect until it dries completely.  The texture is definitely bumpy but it didn't make me feel like I had sand paper on my nails like I thought it would.  

The only thing I don't like about textured polish is that you can't put topcoat on so it chips easier than any other mani.  A topcoat smooths out all the texture and completely changes the look of the polish.  I even tried using matte topcoat, but that smoothed it out too.  Unfortunately, with my chaotic life, this is pretty much a 1 or 2 day polish.  But I still really like this polish and I want to buy a few more colors.

These textured polishes are available in 16 shades at $5.99 a bottle.  Here is the link, and be sure to use our coupon code listed below!

If you're looking to expand your nail art supplies check out Born Pretty Store and use our unique coupon code below for 10% off your order plus they have FREE SHIPPING!

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