Monday, October 14, 2013

Put A Ring On It?

Again, my attempt at nail art....

I know, I know, practice makes perfect. Whatever! I just don't understand how some people can do nail art so PERFECTLY. Like straight, proportioned, every nail EXACTLY the same and just perfect looking. It just seems impossible!! 

I used my fav nail blogger for inspiration again, Dressed Up Nails. See her perfection here. She describes her bling as necklaces. I think mine look more like rings on my nails because they are more straight across and less curved like hers. 

I did this mani last week when we are having an Indian Summer and temps in the 80s here in NY, so I thought I would use some lighter polishes. My favorite mint, Zoya Neely, Julep Alaina and for the bling, Essie Beyond Cozy.

 I also used a glequins from Born Pretty Store in the center of my ring to make it look more like real jewelry. Can you see it?? No?? Haha. Me either. In the tub they looked like a beautiful opal that i thought would be perfect for a diamond effect. When I picked up a single glequin it just about disappeared and was almost impossible to place on the nail. 

Overall, I was happy with my efforts, even though they weren't perfect. :)

We're waiting on a huge haul from Born Pretty Store that includes some fun decals which will scratch the need for any freehand nail art. THANK GOODNESS!! 

XOXO Nail Addicted Sisters