Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Nail Foils and more!!!

*All products were provided for an honest review 

Today we have a special post. We were sent some cool products from KKCenterHK, an online beauty supply shop that carries tons of nail art supplies and tools. If you need it, chances are, they have it..in every color!! Here are just a few of the things you will find at www.kkcenterhk.com.

I've never used nail foils before, but I have always wanted to try them. The process of applying them is very simple. I suggest applying a base color that is similar to the foil color just it case you have any bald spots, they won't be as apparent. 

KKCenterHK has a detailed tutorial video on the product link that was very helpful.

The things that's cool about nail foils is you can't get the effect they give from any polish, so they are truly unique. KKCenterHK offers a ton of different colors and patterns. I love this pink pattern for the Spring!

KKCenterHK has a huge selection of glitter in different shapes (hexagons, stars, diamonds, hearts, etc).  For this mani I used their multicolored heart glitter.  

I like that the hearts come in all different colors and they are very easy to apply.  I have very small nails so a lot of nail glitters/studs are too big for my tiny nails, but this glitter is just the right size!  These will definitely come in handy next Valentine's Day!

Finally, we have what it called 'Sexy Girl', or what looks like a pin up girl. I had to put it on my nail sideways because it's really big. Even putting it on this way it doesn't lay flat. Unlike my sister, I have a decent size nail bed to work with. 

N.NAIL 6mm Sexy Girl Glitter-Black

This would be a super fun look for a bachelorette party! I could totally see going out and having all the girls with matching manis. So fun! 

If you're looking for some fun stuff to make your mani more exciting, check out KKCenterHK. Their products are inexpensive and they ship quickly. You won't be disappointed!
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*All products were provided for an honest review

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