Friday, May 3, 2013

Nail Mail/Haul

I love when things just come together! Today I got my May Julep Maven box. Then I went to my sister's house and low and behold, our Zoya Earth Day promo polishes came!! Perfect timing!! On the way I stopped at Walgreens to see if they had gotten in the new Sinful Shine collection. AND THEY DID!! YaHOO!! 

So here is what I got:

The 3 polishes on the left are from my Maven box. The theme this month is the 1920s style and the bonus product was a lipstick. I never wear lipstick, so I chose the box that has 3 polishes. I wouldn't usually choose neutral colors like Ciara and Coco, but I don't have anything like them in my stash so I thought I'd give them a try. Paris, the glitter in the center, is AMAZING looking. The 2 on the left I snagged in the spring sale promo Julep was having this week. Only $11.20 altogether for both!! That's a steal for these I thought!!

Ciara, Coco, Paris, Patti, Billie Jean

I wear bobby pins all the time, so when I saw these thrown in the box I was thrilled. Aren't they adorable??

 Zoya was having an amazing promo this month for Earth Day. Half off polishes!!! For $4 a bottle I think every nail blogger hit up this promo! Zoya polishes are fantastic!! It was a 6 polish minimum, so my sister and I split the order. These were my pics! I think I finally found my true mint polish!!
 Tallulah, Adina, Neely

Sinful Colors is a great, cheap polish brand that is available at Walgreens, Target and other retailers and sells for $1.99. They just released a new line of polishes called SinfulShine only available at Walgreens. Their website says it's, "5x more glossy than a patent leather shoe." Haha...that's a funny way of describing nail polish. Anyway, this stuff is supposed to be bananas and it's still only $2.99!!! The color assortment is huge. I had the hardest time choosing these. I picked up 2 others for sissy. :)

 Steel Reserve, My Kryptonite, All the Rage, Most Sinful

I can't wait to get these on my nails...and toes!!!!

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