Friday, May 24, 2013

Brighter IS better!

There was a time when all I wore was pink polishes. This week I put on a pink polish and it just didn't look right. I was painting my toes, (Zoya Neely mint green with a metallic silver french tip...AMAZING!) and my hubby says, "Why don't you do something normal like a regular french manicure or red?" HAHAHA!! I almost died!! I never wear red and didn't I just post something about how french manicures are so 90s? He's such a comedian my husband. LOL 

The moral of the story is...I love bright, colorful polishes. AND GLITTER!!! This mani had both, of course.

The bright, bold blue is Color Club Chelsea Girl.  It borders on what I would call a neon blue. I have read that these kinds of polishes stand out more when used with a white base. I will definitely try that next time because I was hoping this polish would have been brighter.

I love an accent nail made of glitter. I used one coat of the Chelsea Girl and two coats of Lush Lacquer Neon Blast, a sheer black base glitter bomb filled with neon glitter of all different shapes.

How do you feel bright, colorful manis? Are they for you? Or do prefer the pinks and more subdued palettes?

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