Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mint Julep

I had to use some of my new polishes, so I used three in this mani!! I love that I can get away with this kind of look and people compliment it instead of looking at me like I'm some kind of weirdo!! 
BTW- My right hand is the opposite of this hand with glitter on the ring and middle fingers. SO FUN!!!

I finally found a true mint color!! Zoya Neely, a creamy polish that was a little thick and tricky to apply, but looks beautiful!! I'm in love with this polish!!

The teal-green polish is SinfulShine My Kryptonite. This pic is not true to color, it's much more green than this pic shows. This was also very thick. On the fingers with glitter I only used one coat and it was opaque. On the others I used 2 coats and a topcoat. Other bloggers have reported that they didn't use a topcoat with these polishes because they're so shiny without it, but I can't go without a topcoat.

Isn't this glitter topper spectacular?? Usually something this amazing would have to come from an indie polish maker. Nope! This is Julep Paris!! I only used one coat, dabbed on to get it even. This topper is full of multidimensional holographical glitter and boy does it SHIMMER!! This glitter will look good over any polish! I'm so glad it came in my May box. 

I'm loving this multi-color glittery mani! I'll have to think of another way to use some more of my other new polishes with this glitter. :)

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