Friday, May 17, 2013

Nail Fail?

I would consider this a NAIL FAIL for 2 reasons. 

1) When I got the amazing polish, Zoya Adina, I was so excited about it. It looks amazing in the bottle. It's a duochrome violet polish. I don't have many duochrome polishes so I was happy to add this to my stash. When I applied it I didn't think it had the same brightness that it had in the bottle, so I was disappointed. I also think this is too dark for me right now. I'm really feeling the pastel/neon trend. I will definitely break out this color in the fall. 

2) The studs! Blah! I was going for a totally different look. These are way too big. I didn't mean to cover my WHOLE nail. It looks kind of like a shield. LOL 

What do you think of this mani? I don't like, but I bet someone out there does. :)

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