Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Stamping With Color Foil is a Dream!

Have you ever hunted down a hard-to-find, coveted polish?  I'm talking about going to over 10 stores to find one particular polish.  Picture visiting Ulta, CVS, Duane Reade, Target Harmon, and Walgreens, sometimes a couple locations of each.  Well, that's pretty much what I did last week while trying to get my hands on some of the limited edition Sally Hansen Color Foils.  Any company that comes out with a limited edition polish is a genius because the minute that label is put on it we all fight to get them.   My hunt ended at a Bed Bath and Beyond in NYC.  I nearly screamed with joy when I saw them!  So of course I bought 3...

The reason I wanted some of these polishes is because I heard they work really well with stamping.  And they totally do!!

This is my best stamping mani ever! The base color is Essie Find Me an Oasis from the Resort 2014 collection.  This ice blue is awesome for summer manis.

I stamped with Sally Hansen Color Foil Liquid Gold.  The pattern is from Mash Plate #43.  

If you've seen previous posts from us you'd know that sometimes we struggle with stamping.  Some polishes smudge easily or dry to quickly and some patterns are so hard to get straight.  The Color Foil formula is so perfect for stamping.  It doesn't smudge at all and the consistency is just right.  Plus, this particular pattern leaves room for error because it can be a little more random and doesn't need to be the same on each nail like some other patterns. 

I love how delicate and feminine this came out.  I was showing off this mani all weekend long.  

I also picked up two other shades from the collection, Titanium Flush and Minted Metal.  I can't wait to stamp with them!  If you have the opportunity to buy these polishes, do it!! Whether it's for stamping or for a solid mani, these polishes are worth hunting for.  

Have you tried the Color Foil polishes yet?  If so, how do you like this new SH collection?

XOXO Nail Addicted Sisters

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  1. This really looks lovely! Great job on the stamping. :)