Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Textured Nail Art

Ok, so some of you may have read the conversation on Facebook this morning about me considering getting acrylics. The pics in this post (and the pics that I have for my next two posts) were taken over this past weekend and last week. You can see my pointer finger in REALLY short. Well, last night that ok looking ring finger  nail split so far down the middle, it's really gross looking!! 

Based on all of the comments and suggestions from our wonderful readers, I decided to go with SensatioNail gel nails. The thing that I love about this product is that I can use it as a base and still use all of my fabulous nail polish! I ordered it from Amazon because I had a GC, so I'll update you all on my progress once I get started!

On to business:
I was looking forward to doing this mani because I have been seeing a lot of bloggers doing chevron and I just love it! I had gotten a set of stickers from The Born Pretty Store a while ago that included chevron, fishtail and french tip stencils. They seemed perfect for me because I have a lot of trouble making clean lines.

You can see in the following close-up that the lines aren't so clean. The stickers weren't that easy to work with in my opinion. They lost their stickiness really quickly. As I manipulated them to position them just so, I guess I touched them too much and the weren't sticky on the ends anymore. I tried pushing them down as best I could with a orange wood stick, but you can see the polish bled through a bit.

From far away it looks pretty good. I will give them a try again for sure. It could also be that my base is a textured polish. I used Avon Brushed Metals Textured Topaz. While it looks somewhat gold, I would say it is a mix of gold and silver.  LOVE! 

I also decided to use a top coat because I'm not crazy about a textured finish. This is two coats of HK Girl top coat. It still has a textured effect without the feel of it. 

What are your thoughts about my decision to start using a gel base for my nails? I'd love to hear your experiences with SensatioNail Gel products. 

Oh...and did you see my sister Vicky's mani featured in an online article this week!!!! Please check it out here.

XOXO Nail Addicted Sisters

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