Saturday, September 28, 2013

Femme Fatale Cosmetics Awesomeness!!!

**All products were provided for an honest review 

When were were given the opportunity to review for Femme Fatale Cosmetics I nearly fell to the floor. I LOVE their stunning polishes (even though I have yet to own one of them). The glitter combinations they have are like no other. And now, after having the chance to use their polishes, I can say they are top of the line. 

 ☽ ☆ ☽ ☆ ☽ ☆ ☽ ☆ ☽ ☆

First up is Sea Pony, a bright purple crelly shimmer base with pink, yellow and red different sized glitters. Pictures show two coats of Sea Pony with two coats of HK Girl top coat.

(All photos in this post are taken outside in natural daylight because one of my light box lights broke.) :(

The formula for this polish was great. It went on as smooth a chunky glitter can. I had to manipulate the glitter a little bit. I didn't have to dig for the bigger glitters, which makes a big difference to me.

This is definitely a great Spring/Summer color. I can't wait to bust it out again next year!!

You can see how nicely the coats layered and peek through the crelly base. LOVE THAT!

Next up is Fatal Attraction, a deep magenta with scattered holographic particles. 

Like most people, I had a really hard time capturing the beauty of the holo goodness in this polish. It was super sparkly and beautiful in the sunlight. 

It did eat up my top coat. I used two coats of Fatal Attraction and two heavy duty coats of HK Girl top coat. After all that I still didn't have a smooth surface. That's make me sad. :( Where does all that top coat go?? 

This fabulous beauty is Edge of the Cosmos, a name so perfect because of the large moons and stars (swoon). Here is the description from the Femme Fatale website: Edge of the Cosmos is a blackened purple base with fine holographic particles, and a variety of holo shapes and sizes. Resembles  being out in space and is amazing over Twilight Meteorite. To make this a little more interesting we vary batches slightly, replacing one or two glitters with another of same size and shape but different colour. We wanted to embody the ever-changing beauty of the universe with our mini version in a bottle ;)
How amazing is that? 

This polish is more sheer so I used one coat of Sephora by OPI Just a Little Dangerous as a base, one thick coat of Edge of the Cosmos and two coats of HK Girl top coat. I am so blown away by this polish! The holo glitters pop out like crazy! I got TONS of compliments on this polish, and who doesn't love that??

The thing I love most about this polish was that the stars and moon didn't jut out and catch on everything. You can see the star in the picture below looks almost rounded to my finger. EVERY nail had a star or moon or BOTH and none of them stuck out! Amazing! Oh, did I mention I didn't have to fish for glitter in this polish either? 

Lastly is the lovely Wolfsbane, a deep purple almost blue base filled with navy hexes and shreds, blue moons and small red flecks. 

While this could probably be opaque in 2-3 coats, I chose to use a base coat to avoid clumping the glitter. I used one coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Currant Trend, one thick coat of Wolfsbane, and two coats of HK Girl top coat. The formula for this polish was a little trickier than the others. It was goopier, so I had to play with it a bit to make it even across the nail. After the top coat I was happy with the coverage. Again, the moons did not stick out and I didn't have to fish for them. :)


Aaahhhhh.....I just can't get enough of some good macros!!!

Overall, I was super pleased with the Femme Fatale polishes. One thing I was disappointed about (not to sound greedy at all) was the mini bottles. I LOVE the Femme Fatale bottles SO MUCH!!! As a hoarder...I mean collector of polishes I would have loved to add a full Femme Fatale to my collection. I'll have to just keep it on the list. :)

You can find Femme Fatale Cosmetics polishes on their website here.
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**All products were provided for an honest review