Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Neon and Pastel Patches

I'm still suffering from the end-of-summertime sadness... SIGH, I heart you Lana Del Rey.  This patchwork design is full of the bright colors that make me wish summer would never end.  I am hoping to squeeze in a few more beach days before fall is officially upon us.  And maybe I can even get in one more bright summer nail design too.  Don't forget, Labor Day is not the end of summer, September 22nd is!! 

I painted my nails white, let them dry and used striping tape to create the patch pattern.  Then I ever so carefully painted each section various colors.  I liked the idea of putting the colors in different places on each nail.  

I got a lot of compliments on this one and many of my friends thought they were stickers, that's the best compliment of all!  How are you all handling the end of summer?  For me, the only way to ease the transition is to buy new clothes and polishes!

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