Thursday, September 5, 2013

Subscription Box Comparison... Nail Addict and You Polish

Hey ya'll... we're trying out some new subscription boxes and this month we tried out Nail Addict and You Polish boxes.  These are not really subscription boxes, you don't have automatic monthly payments and you can order just once or every month, whatever you choose!  Both are released towards the end of each month and you have a few days to order thereafter. 

I like the Polish Addict box because it comes with so much stuff!  Four full size bottles, 2 minis and a surprise item (this time it was caviar beads, hand cream and a pedicure kit).  Yowza! That's a lot of polish!  However, this is a mystery box and there is no telling what you might get each time you order.  Some might love the idea of being surprised but I would prefer to know what I am getting before I order.  This box is $19.99 plus S&H and turns out to be about $25.99.  

You Polish is a smaller box and is just $14.99 including S&H.  It includes 2 full size bottles and a nail art product (like the striping tape and dotting tools shown from this month).  Each month there is a choice of 2 boxes and you can see everything you're getting before you order.  If I were to order from either of these again I would lean towards You Polish because I prefer knowing what I'm spending my money on.

Next up I want to try Glitter Guilty and Square Hue.  They are both true subscription boxes that arrive monthly, so there is a little more commitment involved in these ones.  Glitter Guilty comes with yummy guilty pleasures like artisan chocolates, yum!  And I'm particularly interested in Square Hue because part of their proceeds go to charity.  With all the money I spend on nail polish, it would be nice to know that some of it will go to a good cause.   Are there any other subscription boxes we should check out?  I would love to hear your suggestions!  ~V


  1. Maybe it's just me, but looking at the Polish Addict box? $25.99 is a steal. Polish addict is one of the best and most sought after Indie's around. The formula is amazing, and they're constantly putting out new colors. The polishes alone are worth more than the price of the box with shipping. Plus, they let you tell them which of their polishes you already have so you don't end up with dupes. ANd half the fun is the mystery! I love receiving polishes that I may not have chosen myself. 99% of the time, I love them more than what I would've picked.

    The You Polish box just pales in comparison to me. It may be less expensive, but it's also less impressive.

    1. I agree! You Polish looks great. It's just a matter of preference. I like being surprised. Polish Addict is such a great Indie brand. <3

      Plus Polish Addict's box is a mystery box. The point of it is to be surprised. If a person doesn't like the idea of mystery then don't order the box.

    2. I think it all has to do with preference. We were looking for something new besides Julep, so we tried these 2 very different boxes. What I learned from receiving them is that I didnt't like the mystery box because I prefer to get polishes I will use. I prefer to be able to chose my polishes. Going forward I now know that I will be sticking with a monthly box that gives me that choice. I'm so glad we all get to chose what we like best and that there are amazing indie brands out there to provide beautiful polishes for us. :)