Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happy Birthday to ME mani and GIVEAWAY!!!

I wanted to try something fun for my birthday mani. You might have seen this lovely new purchase on FB:


Ain't it purty? This is the description from the IB Etsy page and it's a perfect one: Twice as Bright is a bright, pink jelly packed full of blue glass fleck duochrome pigment particles, and subtle holographic shimmer. This polish shifts to a blue-purple, purple pink, and then hot pink - so at extreme angles the polish appears an even brighter pink. Very bright, but not a neon, and not a matte - shiny and bright!

These first two pics are in direct sunlight. YOWZA!

This week we experienced the epicness of Picture Polish Blog Fest 2013. My favorite part of it was that all those bloggers (130+) were asked to do nail art AND make a tutorial with the polishes they were given. I love this because I suck at nail art and need tutorials for any kind of success. 

The mani I voted for was from Gnarly Gnails and I used her tutorial to create this awesome skull. It came out pretty awesome considering I have zero skills!

xoxo Nail Addicted Sisters


Now on to the giveaway. :) Today is my 33rd birthday, so this giveaway will run for only 3 days

Up for grabs are some of my untrieds. 

US residents ONLY. (Don't worry my international friends, we'll have something for you in the next one!)