Thursday, August 15, 2013

Picture Polish Dotticure

The most simple form of nail art IMO is a dotticure! It looks hard to do and people are super impressed by it, which is always the goal right?? LOL 

For this dotticure I used Picture Polish Mad Magenta as my base. I then used different sized dotting tools to created the pattern using Color Club Halo Hues, Sinful Shine Most Sinful, Sally Hansen Pink a Card and more Mad Magenta

This is the first time I tried the layering of dots using different colors. This effect is amazing and really takes the dotticure to the next level, but is still easy!!

I'm loving the color combo here as well. The addiction of the holo polish was the icing on the cake! Mmmmmm!! Love my holos!!!

What do you think of the dotticure?? You'll definitely be seeing more of them from me because I love the way they look and they are the closest thing to nail art I can do successfully. :)  

XOXO Nail Addicted Sisters