Tuesday, July 30, 2013

LynBDesigns Glitter Love!!

*All products were provided for an honest review

Today we have some really wonderful glitters from LynBDesigns. She comes up with unique collections and is inspired by movies, books and many other interesting things you wouldn't think could be made into a polish. All her polishes are 3-Free!

First up is Red Fish, Blue Fish from the Many Colors of Seuss Collection.

This glitter bomb has a mix of red, blue, green and silver micro glitters with tiny black and white squares. I swatched using 2 coats  of RFBF over one coat of Sinful Shine Most Sinful with 2 coats of top coat.

The formula of this polish was a DREAM! It applied evenly and smooth, which is surprising for such a dense glitter polish. It was top coat hungry and could have even used a third coat, but that doesn't bother me if it applies well. 

Overall, I would say this is the perfect glitter polish!

Next up is Oh, You Beautiful Idiot from the Innuendos in Space Collection. 

This is another glitter bomb made with matte teal stars and an assortment of small glitters in green and blues.

When I first saw this in the bottle I fell in love. I love the color and the stars! I decided to use it without undies! The formula for this one wasn't as pleasant. It has that typical thick, goopyness you expect from a glitter polish. And the biggish stars didn't help things. But if you've worked with these kinds of polishes before you know how to manipulate them and get a good coat of polish on. So after two thick coats of polish and two thick coats of top coat, I was really happy with the super-sparkley results!

Then there was this little devil. Stars aren't always cooperative, even when you try to push them down with a wood stick. I clipped this with a cuticle cutter when it was super dry and added a little more top coat.

The stars are awesome, but I wish there was a contrast in the color so they stood out more.


To purchase LynBDesigns beautiful polishes go to her Etsy shop here.

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xoxo Nail Addicted Sisters

*All products were provided for an honest review

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