Friday, July 26, 2013

Real Dried Flowers and Gold 3D Nail Art Stickers

*All products were provided for an honest review

There have been a lot of nail art supplies popping up in different stores. It's nice to see the nail art trend branching out. But buyer beware!!! These supplies are being sold for much more than they are worth because of supply and demand. Not many companies are selling these products in stores, and most people don't know of good websites (cough, cough, to purchase them from so they set the prices as high as they think people will purchase them.

Born Pretty Store by far has the best prices, the most products to choose from and FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!!

First up, we have real dried flowers in 12 colors for the amazing price of $3.48. Each color comes with 4 flowers in the container pictured.


I used cuticle nippers to separate the small flower stems. I then used a tweezer to dip the back of each flower into top coat and placed it onto the nail.

The flowers looked really nice without top coat, but we all know that wouldn't last a minute. I used Sally Hansen Dries Instantly very thickly on the flower area. I needed about 3 coats to get an almost smooth finish. You could probably be ok with sealing the flowers on with just one coat, but I'm not crazy about that bumpy finish so I laid it on thick.

I love the way these look and I've had a ton of compliments. People can't believe they are real flowers! So fun!!

Next up are some gold 3D nail art stickers that are just $1.99 per set. They come in silver or gold and have many different shapes to choose from.  You can find these on their site here.

These look so awesome and they are so easy to apply.  You just stick them on and cut off the excess. I'm not usually in to the 3D nail art but these are just the right amount of 3D.  They don't stick out too much.

The contrast on the black polish really makes it pop.  I have seen other reviewers use it on lighter colors, which gives it a more subtle look.

Find Born Pretty Store and all of their awesome products here:

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XOXO Nail Addicted Sisters
Erika & Vicky

*All products were provided for an honest review


  1. So pretty love the gold nails and such gorgeous flower colours

    Carrieanne x

  2. I love the flower nails! They are so pretty! The colours are gorgeous!
    Alice xx