Monday, April 29, 2013

Colorful Stripes

I've been rocking this striped mani all weekend and I have gotten so many compliments!  Here's how it's done...

Paint vertical stripes of 3 or 4 colors.  The stripes don't have to be perfect because any imperfections will be undetectable once you put the black over it. 

Once the stripes are dry place striping tape across the nails.  You can try all different designs with the tape, vertical, horizontal, zig zag... be creative!  Then paint over it with black nail polish and remove the tape to reveal colorful stripes.

Tada!  I think next time I want to try white on top instead of black to get a brighter, summery look :) 

Colors Used for this mani:
Sally Hansen - Blue Me Away
Essie - Chastity
Color Club - Lavendarling
Forever 21 Love & Beauty - Black

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