Thursday, April 18, 2013

Colorful Plaid!

This mani is inspired by a method I read about on Rebecca Likes Nails.  To achieve the straight lines of a plaid design I used painted Scotch tape.  I painted several strips of tape in the colors I chose and let them dry thoroughly.  Then I cut the tape in strips with varying widths.  That's the most tedious part of the mani.  After that you simply stick the strips in a plaid design and trim any excess tape.  A thick coat of topcoat is key with this kind of mani, especially if you want it to last.  So far I have worn this mani for 2 days and it's holding up well!

This is the first time I've tried this method and I have to admit that it was pretty time consuming, but having straight, clean lines made it totally worth it!

These are the colors I used:
Revlon Sheer Petal (pale pink base color)
Revlon Violet (purple)
Essie Camera (hot pink)
Julep Kaylen (neon orange)
Nicole Not A Gold Bigger (gold)


  1. pretty!

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