Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Purple Mosaic

This purple mosaic is one of my favorite designs I've made this year so far.  Striping tape makes this complicated design pretty simple!  

The base color on the mosaic nails is Spoiled Daddy's Credit Card.  The blurple shade is Revlon Impulsive and the lilac is Essie Play Date.

I created the mosaic design by laying striping tape in various angles.  Then I filled in the spaces with Play Date and Impulsive.  Be sure to carefully remove the striping tape to avoid smudging. 

I used a thin brush dipped in Daddy's Credit Card to correct any minor errors. 

I have seen the mosaic design from several nail connoisseurs, but I am loving this one.  I love, love, love purple!   These shades are two of my favorite and they contrast each other very nicely. 

Have you ever done a mosaic?  We would love to see it!

XoXo Vicky
Nail Addicted Sisters

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