Thursday, May 28, 2015

Spring Blooms

Spring is such a lovely time of year.  The flowers and trees are blooming and it is almost summer beach time!  Floral nail art is perfect this time of year.  Creating a floral print freehand is pretty tough so why not go an easier route?  That's right, my favorite water decals!

My base color is Revlon Lily and I used Stella by LynB Designs on my accent nail to add some sparkle.  

I like that the flowers came in different sizes and some pieces were just leaves.  

There were so many flowers on the sheet that I have plenty to use for another mani. Yay!  Check out Born Pretty's huge selection of water decals here.

Does anyone else's pets get in the way when you are trying to photograph your mani?  This is Sophie.  I just adopted her in February.  She was very intrigued by the light box and I had a hard time getting pictures because of her interference! 

I hope you are all enjoying the springtime and warm weather!

Share your floral mani's with us!

XoXo Vicky
Nail Addicted Sisters

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