Monday, December 2, 2013

Oh, You Fancy? Chanel Swatches for the Designer Polish Lovers

Just recently one of our aunts surprised us each with a bottle of Chanel nail polish.  At $27 a bottle, chances are it's not something either of us would ever buy for ourselves.  We were so excited for our first designer polishes!  She picked two gorgeous colors that fit our unique styles perfectly.  

 I,Vicky, got Taboo, a deep purple-based shimmer with hints of blue and bronze microglitter.  

Both the color and application of this polish is absolutely luxurious.  In fact, you really only need one coat to get full coverage and opacity.  That never happens!  

I decided to use Sephora Mauve-ie Star in the Making glitter topcoat on the accent nail to add even more pizzazz.  I use this glitter topcoat fairly often because it it's soooo pretty and is great with the pinks and purples I am always wearing.  It has larger pink and lavendar glitter with gold and pink microglitters.  

I think my favorite thing about this polish is how noticeable but subtle the blue and gold shimmer is, especially in the photos.  This was the most perfect mani for the bachelorette party I was going to over the weekend... perfectly glam!


I, Erika, got Chanel Alchemie, a shimmery, creamy olive green. 

Of course this polish applied like a dream. Is it worth the $27 price tag? I think not!! I personally don't think any polish is worth this much for that matter.

I added a little flare to this mani with some fun water decals from Born Pretty Store. I had to cut these down significantly to fit my shorties, but they still look great!

This was my Thanksgiving mani and it matched the olive green shirt I wore. POW! 

Did you have a special mani for Thanksgiving? We'd love to see it!!

XOXO Nail Addicted Sisters
~Erika &Vicky


  1. very pretty :), this purple is my fovourite
    I am your new follower- your blog is full of inspiration

    1. thank you for following! we hope you enjoy what we have to share!