Saturday, June 1, 2013

Tip Top and Ya Don't Stop

                                          *All products were provided for an honest review

Getting nail mail is always an exciting day. When I came home to see a small BOX by my front door, I thought, "I didn't order anything." Then I saw it was from Tip Top Nails. I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened the box. There were so many goodies inside!! 

For part one of two posts, I will show you Limited Edition Duo polishes (one from each collection).

Confetti Glitter
Once in a Blue Moon

I used one coat of the shimmery blue polish, which covered well. I then used a dotting tool and a top coat to make a dripping effect, one nail at a time. When the polish was still wet I added the fine glitter. It's really hard to see because the colors match so well, but it would have looked really cool. LOL

I love using loose glitter sometimes as apposed to glitter polish, because it removes so much easier.

Wild Thing Glitter
Sweet Cheeks

This is more of a bar glitter so I chose to cover the whole nail. I didn't use a base color and the glitter covered my nail completely. This kind of glitter is not as easy to work with. As you can see it's kind of all over the place on my cuticles. It's almost impossible to keep that from happening because the bars jut out and have a mind of their own.

This look is really cool and bright. I didn't dare go near it with a top coat for fear of ruining my brush with all little glitter pieces. 

Sprinkle Beads
Drama Queen
(pic with flash)

I suppose these aren't called caviar beads because they are smaller? I used 2 coats of the black polish, which applied evenly and smoothly. I then used top coat to apply the sprinkle beads. They stuck to the polish very easily. I didn't leave this mani on, but from what I hear these beads don't stay on very long. Again, a top coat wasn't used.

Each of these duos come in a variety of colors. What do you think of the duos? 

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     *All products were provided for an honest review 

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