Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sparkle and Texture

*All products were provided for an honest review

Today we have some more products from KKCenterHK. Part one of two posts contains products that will add sparkle and texture to any mani.

 First up, we have a loose neon pink glitter. I haven't gotten into any of the textured looks or polishes, but this is very similar to that at a fraction of the cost of any of the textured polishes.

This mani has gotten me back in the mood for PINK! I used Zoya Sweet and topped it with Nailtini Blue Flame. For the accent nail I dipped my finger into the pot of glitter and didn't use a top coat. These pics don't do this glitter justice. It is SO SPARKLY and pretty!!

Next up is a somewhat ocean themed mani of sorts using blue micro-beads. 

Color Club Blue Heaven (pointer and pinky), Essie Avenue Maintain (middle and thumb)

When using the micro-beads I first started with a base coat of white polish. Then I used a thick coat of top coat and poured the micro-beads on till my nail was covered. Finally, I added a hefty coat of top coat.

When the top coat dried it melted off the color coating on the micro-beads and kind of cured everything together to make this cool textured blue looking polish. 

If you like the textured look I would definitely recommend these micro-beads and the loose glitter. Both come in many colors.

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*All products were provided for an honest review


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