Sunday, March 17, 2013

We're not Irish, but our nails are!

We're showing our Irish pride this weekend with lots of green glitter!  

I chose a green/black gradient design.  I used Forever 21's Love and Beauty nail polish (which is surprisingly nice!) in black and emerald green.  I painted all of my nails black and used the sponge method to create the ombre gradient look.  I like using eyeshadow sponges to create this design, it's much easier and neater than using the larger makeup sponges.  Here's a link to a great tutorial for this technique: Gradient nail design tutorial from Pixie Polish.  I added a slight sprinkle of emerald green glitter on the tips for some extra pizzaz. 

Erin Go Bragh!!

I chose a glitter look as well! I had been waiting for St. Patrick's Day to use my Zoya RinaIt's a stunning green glitter with some bar glitter thrown in for good measure. I found it a little difficult to apply for a few reasons: 1) it was really thick and goopy. 2) the bar glitter made it hard to apply evenly and it stuck off the top of the nail.

 For my accent finger I used Sally Hansen Complete Manicure Golden Rule. OMG! This polish is amazing. It was just the kind of gold glitter I was looking for. It looks similar to an Incoco nail sticker I once had and have been trying to find in a polish FOREVER.

I used 3 coats of both of the polishes and topped it off with 2 coats of Seche Vite. You can imagine that with all that polish this started coming off in chunks the very next day (today:( ). Oh well, just another reason to start another fabulous mani!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!! 

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