Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Born Pretty Review Part 1

**All products were provided  for an honest review**

Well hello everyone!  We're really working on getting our groove back after the chaos of the holidays and other things going on in our lives (all good things thankfully!). We're always happy to do that with some product reviews.  

When looking through the Born Pretty products I can never resist some stickers, so I chose these floral pattern silver decals.  Most of you know by now how much I love decals and stickers because they take no time at all.  This sheet is fun because there is so much you can do with them.  As you can see in the picture, there are full nail stickers and others in various shapes and sizes.

These stickers are a little trickier to apply compared to water decals because they are thicker and not as malleable.  That makes it more difficult to get it flush to the curve of your nail.  I found that once I applied some topcoat I could press down the edges with an orange wood stick and that seemed to do the trick.  I used Essie Smokin Hot as my base color.  

Click here for these decals.

I also chose a bottle of stamping polish.  I have been wanting to add to my collection of suitable stamping polish because I am pretty limited as far as colors go.  Of course I went with my favorite color, purple!

Disclaimer... This was not my best attempt at stamping.  But, it was getting late and I just could not do it over again... so it goes.  (hashtag blogger problems!)  I figured I was reviewing the polish and the stamping didn't need to be perfect.  My other disclaimer is that I am not a total pro with stamping and that could be why I had trouble.  

That said, I wasn't crazy about this one.  I did like that it didn't dry too quickly, because that's often a problem for me when stamping.  But, it smudged easily and does not take well to top coat, even when you let it dry.  You can see in the picture that a couple nails are quite smudged.  I even used a topcoat that is usually fine with my other stamping polishes but it still smudged.  I saw that Born Pretty has a variety of brands of stamping polishes, so maybe I will try another one next time.  I used Revlon Lily and Pueen plate #11 for this design.

Click here for the stamping polish.

If these products interest you, I encourage you to check out the Born Pretty Store and use our coupon code for 10% off!

**All products were provided  for an honest review**

Stay tuned for more nail art adventures!  Have a great week everyone!

XoXo Vicky
Nail Addicted Sisters

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