Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Brighter Than the Sun!

I have found ANOTHER favorite summer color!!! Um....anything BRIGHT or NEON!! With my skin getting more and more tan, these colors look freaking amazing!!

The base for this mani is China Glaze Hightlight of My Summer. It's a super bright minty green. I had this on my toes too and it caught a lot of eyes. I'm officially obsessed!!

I stamped using Sinful Shine Most Sinful.  Whenever I feel like I'm getting better with stamping, I take a close up pic and my confidence crumbles.  :(

These looked really good from a far, and then they looked so smudged in these pics. Oh well, such is life. #nailbloggerproblems  I still really loved the way this mani came out and I will definitely be using this color again during the summer months.

What are your favorite colors for summer? Brights, pastels, neons?? I LOVE THEM ALL!!!

XOXO Nail Addicted Sisters

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