Sunday, April 20, 2014

Feed a Bunny Some Carrots This Easter!

I think I have a problem... I have become addicted to connecting manis.  They are just so freaking cute, I can't take it!  You might remember the adorable Christmas Santa mani I did over the holidays.  So maybe this will be my tradition, every holiday I will come up with a new connecting manicure.  Here is the most adorable mani you will see this Easter (at least in my opinion, hehe)...

I used Julep Something Blue as the base coat.  Then I used a combination of acrylic paints and nail art striping paints to create the designs.  This mani took a LOT of time; much longer than I usually like to take doing my nails.  I kept messing up the bunny and had to start over.  But the time was worth the end result. 

Isn't is adorable?  Even my nephew loved this one.  What is the next big holiday?  Fourth of July?  I've gotta think of something good for that one!  

We hope everyone has a great Easter Sunday full of egg hunts, candy and food!  

XoXo Nail Addicted Sisters