Monday, January 27, 2014

Liquid Palisade Magic

Liquid Palisade, another product every nail art lover MUST have. Ok, it's not for everyone because it costs about $22 a tube. Ouch!! To some it's worth it. Especially if you do a lot of gradient work or stamping. Those require a ton of clean up and this product helps you completely skip that step. Heaven, I know!!

It looks like lipgloss, but STINKS!! I don't recommend putting it anywhere near your face. LOL

I got the same Konad stamping kit my sister got for Christmas. I have a little more experience stamping than she does, but I SUCK! I watched every Youtube video, followed every tutorial, but I still couldn't get the damn image to transfer to my nail in one piece. I gave up on it a long time ago.  

I  decided to give it another shot with this new Konad kit (the holy grail of stamping) and my Liquid Palisade. I guess my problem was the stamper. IT MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE!! 

Basically the LP acts as a barrier between your skin and the polish. You paint it on and let it dry. You can see the wet phase on my thumb below.

When it's all dry you can get started. My base color is Zoya Dream. 

After I stamped on the image it was on to the fun part-pealing off the LP. Using a tweezer, get a piece of LP to lift it off of your skin. I grabbed it with my fingers and pulled, and was able to get it to come off in ONE PIECE! It's like magic!!

It's hard to see the stamp in this pic because I chose a bad stamping polish, but you can see some polish on the cuticle.

And that's that! So while this product is amazing and works great, it is crazy expensive. I have read that Liquid Latex and Masking Fluid work just the same as this product to some degree. I will probably test one of them out! 

Oh, oh, oh, you can also use LP ON YOUR NAIL to make nail art designs!!! Like blocking of the underneath area of a french manicure to make a straight line then peeling off the LP to reveal a perfect french tip! 

What do you think of this product? Would you spend the large price tag to experience it's magic?

XOXO Nail Addicted Sisters


  1. I saw this product online a while back and have wanted to try it but the price has kept me from actually doing it lol.

    1. I would try the masking fluid then. Not sure if it comes off as easily though. Come back and I'll have it on the blog. :)