Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Crazy Nail Contraption & An Dot

Calling all polish lovers!! You have got to see this crazy contraption my mom got me for Christmas. Every year she orders TONS of fun things you will never see in the store from a catalogue called LTD. This year she got me and my sister this thing called the Nail Polish Station. 

I ALWAYS do my nails while sitting on the couch watching TV. This is a tricky thing to maneuver. I usually bend my knees and squeeze the polish in between the them so both hands are free, leaning my hands on my legs for leverage. If I'm doing some kind of nail art, I have a TV dinner tray thingy I set up. And that's how the magic happens. HAHAHA!! It sounds crazy when you put it all out there.

In comes the the Nail Polish Station. This pic shows it set up with base coat, color polish, and top coat. And it is laying on my LAP. :) The contraption holds the bottles in place and has a pivoting hand rest. The perfect little tool to do your nails on the couch without making a mess!! What do you think?? Is this kind of thing for you??

 On to the mani!!! My hubby did an awesome job of stuffing my stocking with a few new polishes. He picked out some Essie shades I never saw before. This one is Essie Armed & Ready from the 2012 Go Overboard Collection. It's a olive-gray color with a hint of golden shimmer. And true to most Essie polishes, the formula was amazing!!  

I decided this mani needed a little something extra. I just picked up OPI Love, Angel, Music, Baby from the new Gwen Stefani collection. Using a dotting tool a just added a simple dot to each nail. I will definitely be showing you all more of this amazing gold  color!

This polish had a matte finish, so I added it after the top coat. 

XOXO Nail Addicted Sisters


  1. I need one of those trays! I never saw it in the LTD catalog! Darnit.

  2. I love your Essie polish, lovely shade :)

    1. Thanks! Hubby did good picking this one out!