Monday, May 5, 2014

Aly's Dream Polish Review

I've had the opportunity to try holos from many different brands, indie and mainstream. The thing that is most deceiving about holos in general is that they tend to only show there beautiful twinkle in direct sunlight and fall completely flat otherwise.

I was sent some holo lovelies to review from Aly's Dream Polish. All the pics in this post were taken in direct sunlight to show their ultimate beauty. I can assure you though, that all of these polishes looked beautiful in indoor lighting as well.

First up is Sweet Dreams, a light pinkish/purple with lots of holographic pigments. 

Shown here is two coats of polish with one coat of top coat. This polish is on the sheer side and could use three coats for more opacity. I kinda like the sheerness of it though, so light and fluffy. 

The formula was good, but you have to work a bit quickly or the polish will drag a bit. I find that to be typical with linear holos.

Close ups do a holo GOOD!!

Next up is Tiffanytea. This polish has a little more green in it than blue to me, which I LOVE!!

Shown is two coats of polish with one coat of top coat. 

The formula for this one was similar to Sweat Dreams. Although this polish has a lot more pigment and was opaque in two coats.

I absolutely adore this color and can't wait to try it with some stamping over it!!!

Lastly is Ocean, a gorgeous teal blue holo.

This also shows two coats of polish with one coat of top coat. Formula was perfection!

I think this was my favorite polish of the three. It's so vibrant and beautiful, a perfect Spring color!

Overall I LOVED all these polishes!! Aly's Dream Polish has every holo color you can imagine! If you're looking for something specific, I can guarantee you'll find it there. 

Please visit Aly's Dream Polish:

XOXO Nail Addicted Sisters

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