Friday, November 22, 2013

MOD Lacquer Review

                                                                              **All products were provided for an honest review**

If you haven't heard if MOD Lacquer you MUST give them a lookie. I knew I had to try them when I saw their amazing glitter bomb Kosmic Karma! Then I saw their other polishes and the unique combinations they make and had have to them!! Here's another post I did with a few of my faves.

You know I have to start the MOD party with some MACROS. I'm so excited that I get to show you a range of polishes: glitters, flakie, and holo glitters…OH MY!!  Can you believe this line up???


"Sasquatch is a warm golden brown that shimmers in the sunlight, but it has a nice depth that fades into darkness in lower light to reveal the gold flakes."

This is the perfect fall polish. It's a brown polish with a golden touch. Flakie polishes are my favorite because you get the sparkle of a glitter without the hassle of glitter removal. 

This is two coats of Sasquatch. The formula is wonderful and smooth.


"Revenant is a bright blue with subtle duo-chrome that shifts from blue to purple with a micro fine scattered holo glitter to give a little sparkle."

Everyone knows I love a good blue! This is a GREAT blue! Of course the pics don't do the holo any justice. This polish really shines in the sunlight.

This is two coats of Revenant. The formula is great and goes on smooth.


"Goblin is a beautiful green duo-chrome that shifts from olive green to bright green to a warm burgundy/brown with a micro fine scattered holo glitter to give a little sparkle." 

The sister holo to Revenant, Goblin is an amazing fall holo. I'm loving green polishes more and more and this polish has added to my love! The duo-chrome shift in this polish is so fun!!

This is two wonderful coats of Goblin. The formula was smooth and covered well.


"Thunderbird is a sheer black jelly finish with dark holo glitters that flash bright colors that pop out and grab you before slinking back into darkness."

I hate that I can't get a good pic of how amazingly sparkly this polish is! I would love to see this polish over a lighter color to see how it may make the holo glitters POP.

This is one coat of Thunderbird over one coat of OPI Onyx. I love the formula of this glitter topper. No fishing involved and it went on evenly and smooth!


"Jersey Devil is a sheer black jelly with bright, warm flashes of color popping from various sizes of holo glitter"

At first glance I didn't think I was going to like this polish because I'm not much of an orange lover. Once it was on, the orange color wasn't so bold and the sparkle was amazing. I didn't want to take this off!!

This is one coat Jersey Devil over one coat OPI Onyx. This polish will definitely cover in two coats for more sparkle! Again, the formula was perfect!


I'm in love with MOD Lacquer all over again. They have amazing formulas and brilliant combinations of colors and glitter. 

MOD Lacquer does an amazing job of describing their polishes, so I used their descriptions instead of coming up with my own crappy ones. The quotes you see on this post are taken from their Etsy store. 

Right now MOD Lacquer has two limited edition colors available, Breaking Mod and Vault 24/18 (real gold topper). There are two new sections in the shop that have retired sale items. The prices are already marked down so no codes are required to get a good deal on these items. There is a a Fall sale running for 15% off running now and ending on Dec, 1st. The coupon code is FALL15.

Shop MOD Lacquer polishes at their ETSY STORE

xoxo Nail Addicted Sisters

**All products were provided for an honest review**

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